At a later stage of a project

When a project is in the later stage of execution and the various vendors are selected we are able to import actual vendor data in any commonly used format and combine it with survey data or any other data from the Geographical Information Systems database. This allows the client to select any general image they require for the graphic designer to take as a starting point, and with a dash of artistic license an image of maximum communication impact can be generated.



      At an early stage of a project

OIL and GAS EXPERT GRAPHICS has an extensive range of generic models of key oil and gas infrastructure (Trees, PLETs, manifolds, FPSOs, SPMs, onshore terminals and topsides, to name a few) that can be customised to generate the graphics you require at the early stage of your project before key vendors are selected. So you only need to tell us an outline of what you require, and we can start work immediately.

Due the our unique in-house team of experienced oil and gas engineers and industrial graphic designers we can start making visualisation with just basic documentation, such as Field Lay Outs, Plot Plans, PFDs or P&IDs or more complex engineering from subsurface surveys.



We aim to deliver the communication impact that your project needs

When communication of an idea or information is the key factor in the successful execution of a project, it can be used at any stage of a project or on-going operation for any number of issues including:

  •  Highlighting key areas of design for internal Gate reviews where non engineering company members are attending.
  • Support graphics and infographics for environmental impact assessments.
  • Obtaining third party crossing agreements or government development permits.
  • Overall project schematics and overviews for use in internal presentation material.
  • For use in presentations with other non-engineering parties such as financial investors.  
  • In communicating with local communities and community leaders.
  • Producing material for corporate sales.
  • Generating a 3D model of the total field development. 


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